Paru shines bright with new solar tech at Intersolar Munich.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 23, 2024
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Paru, a prominent South Korean company specializing in agricultural solar power, made waves at the Intersolar exhibition in Munich, Germany by unveiling its revolutionary single-axis tracking solar power system optimized for agricultural use. This marked the first public introduction of this cutting-edge technology, showcasing Paru’s commitment to innovation in the solar industry.

Revolutionizing Solar Technology

The new single-axis tracking system by Paru boasts a 25% increase in power production compared to fixed solar systems with similar capacity. Its versatility allows installation at heights of up to 3.5 meters, making it ideal for spaces previously deemed unsuitable for solar power generation. This groundbreaking technology opens up new possibilities for solar energy in areas like retention basins.

Strong Interest and Collaboration

Visitors at the exhibition expressed significant interest in Paru’s innovative system, particularly inquiring about its photosynthesis mode, maximum height, and weather response features. German EPC companies showed keen interest in collaborating with Paru, recognizing the potential of this advanced technology in the agricultural solar power sector.

Local Collaboration and Global Expansion

Local German EPC companies presented numerous collaboration proposals to Paru, highlighting the mutual interest in advancing solar technology. Jang Byung-seok, a developer at Paru, expressed satisfaction in the positive reception of their technology in Europe, signaling potential business expansion opportunities in the region and beyond.

Future of Solar Energy in Europe

With a strong foothold in the global solar market, Paru’s 20 years of expertise position them as a key player. Their weather sensor solutions enhance system reliability, ensuring continued operation in adverse conditions. As Paru explores further collaborations and expansions, the future looks promising for their agricultural solar power systems in Europe and the renewable energy landscape worldwide.

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