NASA’s viral ‘Space potato’ image overshadows fears of asteroids and storms.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 23, 2024
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When it comes to space news, asteroids, solar storms, and auroras often steal the spotlight. However, a recent tragic image of a ‘Space potato’ moon called Phobos has gone viral, capturing the attention of NASA and space enthusiasts worldwide. This small moon is on a collision course with Mars, adding a dramatic twist to the usual space headlines.

Phobos: The Tragic Space Potato

Phobos, one of Mars’ larger moons, measures just 17x14x11 miles in diameter. Due to its small size, Phobos struggles against gravity, resulting in its irregular shape resembling that of a potato. Unlike Earth’s moon, Phobos lacks the mass to form a spherical shape, leading to its lumpy appearance.

Constantly bombarded by asteroids, Phobos is covered in craters, with the Stickney crater standing out as a massive white patch on its surface. Despite its tragic appearance, Phobos continues to orbit Mars at an incredible speed, moving at six feet every hundred years towards its inevitable fate.

The Fate of Phobos: Crash or Ring?

As Phobos hurtles towards Mars, it faces two possible outcomes. The first scenario involves crashing into the Red Planet, while the second suggests Phobos could be torn apart, creating a ring around Mars reminiscent of Saturn. Regardless of its fate, Phobos’ journey serves as a reminder of the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of celestial bodies.

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