Tajikistan looks to Kazakhstan for green energy inspiration.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 22, 2024
Tajikistan plans to leverage Kazakhstan's experience in renewable energy projects.jpegOrginal image from: https://www.azernews.az/region/227702.html

Tajikistan is making strides in the renewable energy sector by leveraging the experience of neighboring countries like Kazakhstan. The Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources of Tajikistan, Sharifa Khudobakhsh, highlighted this collaboration during a meeting between the parliaments of Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. This partnership aims to tap into Kazakhstan’s expertise in building solar and wind power plants, as Tajikistan aims to become a “green country” by 2037. Currently, over 98% of Tajikistan’s electricity is generated from hydropower resources. To further enhance their renewable energy initiatives, Tajikistan will make it mandatory to use solar panels in construction and renovation projects starting in April 2024.

Utilizing Kazakhstan’s Experience in Renewable Energy

Tajikistan recognizes the value of learning from Kazakhstan’s successful renewable energy projects. By collaborating with regional partners like Kazakhstan, Tajikistan aims to accelerate its transition towards sustainable energy sources. The exchange of knowledge and expertise between the two countries can pave the way for innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector. Kazakhstan’s experience in constructing solar and wind power plants can serve as a blueprint for Tajikistan’s green energy initiatives, driving progress towards a more environmentally conscious future.

Strategic Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Khudobakhsh emphasized that Kazakhstan plays a vital role as a reliable partner in Tajikistan’s efforts to export liquefied gas. This partnership not only strengthens economic ties between the two nations but also fosters sustainable energy practices. By leveraging Kazakhstan’s expertise in the energy sector, Tajikistan can diversify its energy sources and reduce its carbon footprint. The collaboration between Tajikistan and Kazakhstan sets a precedent for regional cooperation in achieving shared goals of sustainability and environmental conservation.

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