Renewable energy firms go global, building green hydrogen plants abroad.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 22, 2024
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Renewable energy companies are making significant strides in setting up green hydrogen plants overseas to meet the increasing demand for cleaner fuel options and reduce carbon emissions. This move aligns with global efforts towards sustainability and India’s commitment to transitioning to greener energy sources.

Hero Future Energies Expanding Green Hydrogen Plants

Hero Future Energies (HFE) is exploring opportunities to establish green hydrogen plants in the UK and Europe in collaboration with Ohmium International. The goal is to develop facilities capable of producing 1,000 MW of green hydrogen, contributing to the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

Adani New Industries’ Ambitious Plans

Adani New Industries (ANIL) is targeting markets in Europe, Japan, and South Korea to create projects that will produce 1 million metric tons per annum (MMTPA) of green hydrogen and 5.6 MMTPA of green ammonia by 2030. This ambitious plan reflects the company’s commitment to driving the adoption of clean energy technologies on a global scale.

Renew and Avaada Group’s Green Initiatives

Renew has entered into a preliminary agreement with Egypt to establish a green hydrogen plant in the Suez Canal Economic Zone. Additionally, Renew is exploring domestic projects in Odisha, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh, furthering India’s renewable energy goals. The Avaada Group is also planning to develop a capacity of around 4 MMTPA of various green fuels and is in discussions with global buyers to expand its reach.

The Impact of Government Policies on Renewable Energy

The growth of the renewable energy sector, particularly in green hydrogen production, is bolstered by supportive government policies aimed at reducing reliance on fossil fuels. India’s dedication to sustainability is evident in the expansion of green energy projects both locally and globally. This strategic move positions India as a key player in the global transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

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