Get ready for 2024 – Europe’s Golden Era of Renewable Energy.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 22, 2024
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Europe is entering a new era of renewable energy in 2024, with significant growth and investment opportunities in the sector. Major mergers and acquisitions, as well as a surge in renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs), indicate a promising future for green energy in the region. Let’s delve into the key developments driving this golden era for Europe’s renewable energy landscape.

The Surge of High-Value European Green Energy Deals

The year 2023 witnessed a flurry of activities in Europe’s renewable energy sector, setting the stage for what experts predict to be the ‘Golden Era’ for green energy. In the first five months of 2024, corporate buyers secured 21 TWh/year of green electricity from 10 GW of new projects, maintaining momentum from the previous year. The market saw an increase in the number of deals, with wind and solar PPAs leading the way in northern Europe and Spain.

Additionally, the region witnessed three major mergers and acquisitions, including Energy Capital Partners’ acquisition of Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure. These high-value deals underscore the growing investor interest in renewable energy and highlight the sector’s importance in global energy strategies.

Market Dynamics, Price Trends, and Regional Challenges

Despite the positive outlook for renewable energy, deal prices have faced challenges due to lower electricity spot and forward prices. Countries like Spain and Italy are grappling with volatile market conditions and regulatory obstacles, hindering the pace of PPA contracting. Grid capacity issues in Spain, Italy, and Germany pose additional challenges for renewable energy projects.

Germany emerges as a key player in the renewable energy landscape, signing multiple deals for utility-scale solar and offshore wind projects. Regulatory uncertainties are offset by the country’s strong industrial base and tech sector, which continue to drive demand for PPAs. The UK’s contract for difference auctions attract significant interest but face uncertainties due to ongoing market reviews.

Sectoral Shifts and New Opportunities

While large-scale deals by companies like Brookfield dominate the renewable energy sector, smaller investors are expected to enter the market in 2024. The focus on energy security has shifted priorities for oil majors, opening up opportunities for new players in the renewable energy space. The cost of deploying renewables is decreasing, making it an attractive investment for a wide range of industries.

Tech companies remain the primary buyers of PPAs, with sectors like consumer goods, industrial, chemicals, and utilities also emerging as significant offtakers. The rise of artificial intelligence computing power presents new opportunities for renewable energy projects, particularly in regions like the Nordics and Iberia. Spain’s favorable conditions for data centers further solidify its position as a key hub for renewable energy investments.


Europe’s renewable energy sector is set to thrive in 2024, with a surge in green energy deals, mergers, and acquisitions. Despite challenges in deal pricing and regulatory issues, the region presents numerous opportunities for investors and companies looking to expand their renewable energy portfolios. By leveraging the market dynamics and sectoral shifts, Europe’s renewable energy industry is poised for a golden era of growth and sustainability.

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