Discover the Boom of Off-Grid Solar Lanterns in Africa.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 22, 2024
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The rise of off-grid solar lanterns in Africa is transforming the way individuals access clean and efficient lighting solutions. As more people seek alternatives to traditional grid systems, off-grid solar products are gaining popularity across the continent. A recent report titled ‘Global Off-Grid Solar Market Data July-December 2023’ sheds light on this growing trend and its implications for Africa’s energy landscape.

Key Insights from the Report

The report, compiled by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association, highlights the significant sales of lanterns powered by off-grid solar energy in Africa. It reveals a shift towards cash sales from rent-to-own purchase models, indicating declining solar kit prices and an expanding middle-class segment with disposable income. Sustainable energy researcher James Nzioka emphasizes the pivotal role of off-grid solar power in addressing electrification challenges in remote areas of Africa.

Regional Trends and Market Dynamics

Examining sales trends across East, West, Central, and Southern Africa, the report showcases a surge in lantern sales in each region. East Africa, with Kenya leading the market, witnessed substantial growth in sales of low-energy lanterns. Similarly, West Africa, dominated by Nigeria, experienced a notable increase in sales for low-energy lanterns. The shift towards cash transactions reflects changing consumer preferences driven by declining prices and increased purchasing power.

Implications for Africa’s Energy Landscape

The transition towards off-grid solar solutions signifies a transformative shift in Africa’s energy sector, offering sustainable and affordable alternatives to traditional grid systems. The acceptance of cash sales over rent-to-own models underscores evolving market dynamics and consumer preferences. Despite the rise in cash transactions, the PAYGo model remains relevant, ensuring continued growth and accessibility to off-grid solar technologies.


The surge in off-grid solar lantern sales in Africa represents a positive step towards cleaner and more accessible energy solutions for underserved communities. The adoption of off-grid solar technologies not only addresses electrification challenges but also contributes to environmental sustainability and economic empowerment. As Africa embraces renewable energy sources, the potential for widespread impact and positive change in the continent’s development landscape grows significantly.

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