Synhelion launches first plant for solar fuels production in Germany.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 21, 2024
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Synhelion, a pioneer in solar fuels technology, has recently inaugurated the world’s first industrial plant for solar-powered fuels production in Germany. This groundbreaking plant, named DAWN, showcases Synhelion’s innovative technology on an industrial scale for the first time. By harnessing solar heat, DAWN will produce synthetic fuels that have the potential to defossilize the transportation sector, particularly in aviation. This milestone marks a significant advancement in the energy transition for the transportation industry.

Synhelion’s Solar-Powered Fuels Plant: DAWN

DAWN features a 20-meter-high solar tower and a mirror field, representing the integration of Synhelion’s cutting-edge innovations at an industrial level. The solar tower houses a solar receiver, a thermochemical reactor, and a thermal energy storage system, enabling continuous and cost-efficient production of solar fuels. This plant will showcase the entire technology chain, from concentrated sunlight to synthetic liquid fuel, on an industrial scale for the first time.

Production and Impact

The DAWN plant is projected to produce several thousand liters of fuel per year, with production expected to commence in 2024. The plant will generate synthetic crude oil, known as syncrude, which is ideal for transportation due to its transportability. The syncrude will be further processed into certified fuels such as solar kerosene, solar gasoline, and solar diesel, making them compatible with existing fuel infrastructure.

Synhelion’s Vision and Expansion

Founded in 2016 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich, Synhelion has been at the forefront of solar fuels technology. The successful demonstration of solar heat for fuel production in 2019 paved the way for scaling up this innovative technology. With the inauguration of DAWN, Synhelion is poised to revolutionize the transportation sector by offering renewable fuels produced from solar energy.

Future Plans and Sustainability

Thanks to investments and funding support, Synhelion aims to build its first commercial plant in Spain in 2025, with plans to expand production capacity significantly. The long-term goal is to achieve an annual production volume of around one million tons of solar fuel within a decade. This ambitious vision underscores Synhelion’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions for the future.

Industry and Political Recognition

The inauguration of DAWN on the summer solstice of 2024 was attended by industry and political leaders, highlighting the significance of renewable, synthetic fuels in reducing CO2 emissions. Representatives from the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and Swiss International Air Lines praised Synhelion’s pioneering efforts in solar fuels technology and its potential to drive sustainability in the transportation industry.

Celebrating Achievement

Dr. Philipp Furler, CEO and Co-Founder of Synhelion, expressed pride in the team’s accomplishments, emphasizing the historic nature of the DAWN inauguration. The transition to solar fuels marks a turning point in sustainable transportation, showcasing the realization of Synhelion’s founding vision. The successful launch of DAWN underscores the transformative impact of solar energy on the future of transportation.

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