National Grid Renewables wraps up 95MW Minnesota solar projects.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 21, 2024
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National Grid Renewables recently completed a 95-MW solar portfolio in Minnesota, marking a significant milestone in the state’s renewable energy landscape. This article highlights the completion of two major solar projects, the Louise Solar Project and the Fillmore County Solar Project, and the positive impact they bring to the local communities in Southern Minnesota. The event hosted by National Grid Renewables showcased their commitment to boosting economic vitality through new investments, job creation, and charitable contributions.

Celebrating Solar Energy in Minnesota

The “Homegrown Minnesolar” event brought together various stakeholders to celebrate the completion of the Louise and Fillmore County solar projects. National Grid Renewables, a Minnesota-headquartered company, expressed pride in its farmer-founded roots and dedication to supporting rural communities through renewable energy projects. The event highlighted the collaborative efforts that have led to the successful development of these solar installations.

Partnerships and Commitments

Xcel Energy, a key player in the region’s energy landscape, has an agreement to purchase a significant portion of the energy generated by the Louise and Fillmore County projects. This partnership underscores the importance of collaboration between renewable energy developers and utility companies in achieving sustainability goals. The commitment to providing 100% carbon-free electricity aligns with the state’s vision for a cleaner and greener energy future.

Community Engagement and Economic Impact

In addition to generating clean energy, the solar projects have brought tangible benefits to the local communities. Through partnerships with organizations like Renewing the Countryside, the event showcased local farmers and vendors, promoting economic growth and entrepreneurship. The projects are expected to contribute millions of dollars in economic impact, tax revenue, and job opportunities over their operational lifespan.

Building a Sustainable Future

Charitable Contributions and Education Support

As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, National Grid Renewables announced a pledge of $380,000 in charitable contributions through the Louise and Fillmore County projects. These funds will support education initiatives in the Southland and LeRoy-Ostrander school districts, highlighting the company’s dedication to investing in the local community’s future.

Operational Excellence and Sustainability

By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies like First Solar Series 6+ Bifacial modules, the solar projects demonstrate a commitment to operational excellence and sustainability. The behind-the-scenes tour offered at the Louise Solar project allowed attendees to witness firsthand the construction and functioning of a solar installation, emphasizing the importance of renewable energy in the region.


The completion of the 95-MW Minnesota solar portfolio by National Grid Renewables signifies a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future in the state. Through collaboration, innovation, and community engagement, renewable energy developers and utility companies are working together to drive positive change and create a greener environment for future generations.

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