Look out for Market Whales betting on MAXN Options!

By Oliver Townsend Jun 21, 2024
Market Whales and Their Recent Bets on MAXN Options - Maxeon Solar Technologies (NASDAQ:MAXN).jpegOrginal image from: https://www.benzinga.com/insights/options/24/06/39439150/market-whales-and-their-recent-bets-on-maxn-options

Market Whales and Their Recent Bets on MAXN Options – Maxeon Solar Technologies (NASDAQ:MAXN) – is a topic that has caught the attention of investors with substantial financial resources. The bullish stance taken on Maxeon Solar Technologies, MAXN, by these market whales is significant, and retail traders should take note of the potential implications. When large trades like these appear in the publicly available options history, it often signals that something significant may be on the horizon.

Understanding the Recent Options Activity

Today, Benzinga’s options scanner identified 30 options trades for Maxeon Solar Technologies, a deviation from the norm. Of these trades, the sentiment among big-money traders is divided, with 36% bullish and 30% bearish. The volume of puts uncovered was 29, totaling $1,656,090, while there was only 1 call amounting to $41,126. These trades hint at potential price movements in the near future.

Price Targets and Insights

Based on recent trading activity, it seems that significant investors are eyeing a price range between $1.0 and $7.5 for Maxeon Solar Technologies in the coming months. The mean open interest for options trades stands at 32763.75 with a total volume of 24,416.00. The analysis of volume and open interest trends over the last 30 days provides further insights into the market sentiment surrounding MAXN.

Options Activity Analysis: Last 30 Days

Examining specific options trades for Maxeon Solar Technologies over the past month, we can see a mix of bullish, bearish, and neutral sentiments among traders. From put sweeps to trades and varying sentiment levels, the data offers valuable information on how investors are positioning themselves in relation to MAXN’s future movements.

Overview of Maxeon Solar Technologies

Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd specializes in manufacturing and marketing premium solar technology, owning solar cell and panel manufacturing facilities in multiple countries. Their products, including the Maxeon and Performance lines, cater to residential and small-scale commercial customers globally. Revenue is derived from various regions, emphasizing the company’s international reach and market presence.

Performance and Expert Ratings

Currently, MAXN’s trading volume is at 3,094,567, with a 3.96% price increase placing it at $1.05. While RSI indicators suggest potential oversold conditions, an earnings announcement is anticipated in 48 days. Analyst consensus sets an average price target of $1.5 for MAXN, with differing opinions from industry experts affecting the stock’s outlook.

Expert Recommendations

Notable analysts have shared their perspectives on Maxeon Solar Technologies, with Roth MKM maintaining a Neutral rating at a $2 price target. In contrast, Goldman Sachs has downgraded the stock to Sell, adjusting the price target to $1. Options trading presents unique risks and rewards, necessitating informed decision-making and continuous monitoring of market dynamics.

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