Solarscape made simple: Check out our Solar Tariffs Cheat Sheet.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 20, 2024
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The solar industry in the United States is facing a whirlwind of regulatory changes, making solar tariffs some of the most complex tariffs in U.S. importing history. With the industry remaining a focal point for policymakers, stakeholders, and consumers, staying informed about the current tariff and trade actions is crucial. As the June 28 deadline for public comments on the recent Section 301 duty increases approaches, we provide a guide to help navigate through the solarscape. Here are some key takeaways from over a decade of solar tariff activity:

Knowledge is Power

Staying updated on the ever-changing solar tariff landscape is essential for industry professionals. With regulations shifting frequently, keeping abreast of the latest developments can help businesses adapt and thrive in the solar sector.

Protect Yourself

When entering into new solar contracts and module supply agreements, including provisions to account for potential changes in tariffs is crucial. By safeguarding against unforeseen tariff modifications, businesses can mitigate risks and ensure smoother operations.

Check Your Contracts

Regularly reviewing and examining solar contracts and module supply agreements is a proactive approach to confirm liability in case Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seek retroactive duties. Ensuring compliance with changing regulations can prevent legal issues and financial burdens in the future.

Know Your Supply Chain

Conducting supply chain tracing and mapping before importing is vital. CBP allows a limited time to provide evidence down to the materials level if an import is suspected of using forced labor. Utilizing AI to identify potential issues, staying ahead of supply chain challenges is essential for compliance.

While this cheat sheet provides valuable insights, the solar tariff landscape is complex and subject to changes. For specific questions or further guidance, reaching out to industry experts is recommended. As the solar industry continues to evolve, staying informed and prepared is key to navigating the solarscape successfully.

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