Ray Go Solar celebrates Mydin Green Energy Project launch and handover.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 19, 2024
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Ray Go Solar recently celebrated the launch and handover of the Mydin Green Energy Project. This significant event marks a crucial step towards advancing green energy and promoting sustainability. The successful completion of the solar energy system at Mydin Mall Bertam underscores the commitment to green initiatives and environmental protection.

The Path to Sustainable Energy

During the launch ceremony, Dato’ Ray Tan, CEO of Ray Go Solar Holdings Berhad, emphasized the importance of this collaboration. The project utilized advanced solar technology from the United States to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and promote a sustainable future. The month-long project showcases the potential of solar energy in driving positive change.

Paving the Way for Future Collaboration

Dato’ Ray Tan expressed optimism about future partnerships with Mydin Northern Region Malaysia. The collaboration aims to further promote green energy initiatives and contribute to society and the environment. As the world shifts towards renewable energy sources, this project sets a precedent for future endeavors in sustainable development.

Embracing Green Initiatives

The event aligns with the Penang 2030 Vision, focusing on creating a green and smart state that inspires the nation. Clean energy plays a vital role in Penang’s sustainable development goals, as highlighted by Penang Chief Minister YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow. The Mydin Green Energy Project exemplifies the commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation.

A Shared Vision for a Greener Future

The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including key figures from the government and industry. The presence of influential leaders underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing green energy solutions. The event signifies a shared vision for a sustainable future driven by innovation and partnership.

Continuing the Journey Towards Sustainability

Ray Go Solar’s dedication to sustaining the world with green energy is evident in their commitment to excellence. The company’s mission to be a world-class Solar EPC company reflects a deep-rooted belief in the power of renewable energy. Through continued collaboration and innovation, Ray Go Solar aims to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on the environment.

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