Mississippi Solar Project Moves Forward Amid Disagreements

By Oliver Townsend Jun 19, 2024
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A solar energy project in Mississippi has recently received approval from the Hinds County Board of Supervisors, despite facing objections from local residents. The project, known as the Soul City Solar project, is being led by Apex Clean Energy and is set to be located near the Jackson suburbs of Raymond and Bolton. This development is expected to generate electricity for around 95,000 homes, with county leaders anticipating that the solar farm will be operational by the end of 2027, bringing economic benefits such as job creation and increased tax revenue to the area.

Project Overview and Benefits

The Soul City Solar project, spearheaded by Apex Clean Energy, aims to harness solar power to provide sustainable energy solutions to the region. By constructing a solar farm near Raymond and Bolton, the project hopes to contribute to the local economy while also promoting environmental sustainability. With the potential to power thousands of homes, this initiative represents a significant step towards embracing renewable energy sources in Mississippi.

Local Concerns and Disputes

Despite the potential benefits of the project, some residents of Raymond and Bolton have expressed concerns about the impact of the solar farm on the local environment and property values. Issues such as the effect on wildlife, changes to the landscape, and potential decreases in property prices have been raised by members of the community. It is essential for Apex Clean Energy to address these concerns and work closely with local residents to mitigate any negative consequences of the project.

Assurances and Future Plans

Apex Clean Energy has assured the community that measures will be taken to minimize the environmental impact of the solar farm and preserve the natural beauty of the area. By engaging in ongoing dialogue with residents and addressing their worries, the company aims to create a project that benefits both the economy and the environment. Moving forward, it will be crucial for all stakeholders to collaborate and ensure that the project’s development aligns with the interests of the local community.


The approval of the Soul City Solar project in Mississippi marks a significant milestone in the state’s transition towards renewable energy sources. By balancing economic development with environmental conservation, this project has the potential to serve as a model for sustainable energy initiatives in other regions. As the project progresses, it will be essential for Apex Clean Energy and local authorities to maintain open communication with residents and address any ongoing concerns to ensure a positive outcome for all involved.

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