Ameresco powers up Fort Detrick with renewable energy!

By Oliver Townsend Jun 19, 2024
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The US Army and Ameresco recently celebrated the activation of a battery energy storage system at Fort Detrick, marking a significant milestone in their partnership. This renewable energy system is a part of a 2022 contract aimed at integrating a BESS into the base’s existing solar renewable energy facility. With the deployment of a 6-megawatt BESS solution, the system is expected to enhance power quality and ensure energy security at Fort Detrick.

Enhancing Energy Security at Fort Detrick

Ameresco’s deployment of a 6-megawatt BESS solution at Fort Detrick is a significant step towards improving the base’s electric grid capacity. By integrating this system, Ameresco aims to decrease fluctuations in power, ultimately enhancing the overall energy security and sustainability at the installation. The ribbon-cutting ceremony highlighted the commitment of both the US Army and Ameresco to delivering innovative and vendor-neutral energy solutions for the future.

A Shared Vision for Sustainability

Fort Detrick, spanning 1,200 acres in Frederick, plays a crucial role in supporting various US military segments. From the US Army Medical Research and Development Command to the US Space Force, the installation is vital for scientific and medical research programs. Ameresco’s energy-saving solution aligns with the common vision shared by the Army and industry partners to create a sustainable, resilient, and clean energy future. The inauguration of the 6 MW/h energy storage system at Fort Detrick exemplifies cutting-edge innovation and successful partnerships.

Maximizing Impact Through Collaboration

The collaboration between the US Army and Ameresco signifies a shared commitment to enhancing energy security and sustainability. By leveraging innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, the Army aims to strengthen its mission-critical operations and support communities in Maryland. The successful integration of the BESS at Fort Detrick demonstrates the potential of partnership-driven initiatives in advancing energy resilience and environmental stewardship.

Driving Future Developments in Energy Solutions

The activation of the battery energy storage system at Fort Detrick sets the stage for future developments, including potential integration into a microgrid system. This strategic approach not only enhances backup power capabilities but also ensures the continuity of essential operations during potential outages. By investing in renewable energy systems and innovative technologies, the US Army and Ameresco are paving the way for a sustainable and secure energy future.

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