Nextracker, Unimacts open new solar factory in Nevada.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 18, 2024
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Nextracker and Unimacts have recently announced plans for their second solar factory in Nevada, demonstrating the growth and potential of the clean energy revolution. This new factory, located in the Las Vegas area, will be dedicated to Nextracker’s manufacturing line, following the success of their previous facility in Sloan, Nev. that produced steel torque tubes for solar power plants. The collaboration between Nextracker and Unimacts is expected to support the development of 2 GW of new solar power annually, highlighting the significant impact of American manufacturing on the renewable energy industry.

New Solar Factory in Las Vegas

The decision to establish a new solar factory in the Las Vegas area signifies the continued growth and innovation within the clean energy sector. Nextracker and Unimacts are at the forefront of this expansion, leveraging their expertise to drive the manufacturing of essential components for solar power plants. By focusing on the production of steel torque tubes, these factories are contributing to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions and supporting the demand for renewable energy sources.

American Manufacturing in the Clean Energy Revolution

With the opening of their new solar factory, Nextracker and Unimacts are reinforcing the importance of American manufacturing in the clean energy revolution. Dan Shugar, founder and CEO of Nextracker, recognizes the favorable conditions for manufacturing growth, including a skilled workforce, a robust steel industry, and increasing demand for renewable energy. The partnership between Nextracker and Unimacts exemplifies the potential for job creation and economic development through sustainable manufacturing practices.

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