Introducing GameChange Solar’s High-Wind Tracker System for Florida!

By Oliver Townsend Jun 18, 2024
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GameChange Solar has successfully delivered its Genius Tracker single-axis tracking system to a high-wind project in Florida. This innovative system is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 158 mph, making it ideal for challenging locations prone to hurricanes. The company worked in collaboration with engineering firm CPP to address aeroelastic stability and wind pressure challenges, ensuring the system’s durability in high-wind conditions. Additionally, GameChange Solar partnered with test labs like RETC to conduct comprehensive mechanical load testing, further ensuring the system’s reliability.

Enhancing Solar Energy Development in Challenging Locations

Scott Van Pelt, the chief engineer at GameChange Solar, expressed pride in the company’s ability to design solar plants in difficult locations like those in hurricane-prone regions. By developing projects in previously undesirable locations, GameChange Solar is expanding the possibilities for solar energy integration into the energy mix. The deployment of the Genius Tracker system in Florida demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the solar industry.

Collaboration for Success

GameChange Solar’s collaboration with engineering experts and testing laboratories highlights the importance of partnerships in achieving success in the renewable energy sector. By working closely with industry professionals to address specific challenges and ensure the reliability of their products, GameChange Solar exemplifies a commitment to quality and innovation. The company’s dedication to overcoming obstacles and delivering high-performance solutions sets a standard for excellence in the solar industry.

Driving Innovation in Solar Technology

The delivery of the Genius Tracker system to Florida marks a significant milestone in GameChange Solar’s efforts to drive innovation in solar technology. By creating solutions that can withstand extreme weather conditions and challenging environments, the company is paving the way for increased solar energy adoption in regions with unique climatic challenges. GameChange Solar’s focus on sustainability, durability, and performance underscores its leadership in advancing solar technology for a greener future.

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