Get up to 42% off Jackery power stations and bundles!

By Oliver Townsend Jun 18, 2024
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Jackery, a trusted brand for portable power stations, bundles, and accessories, is currently offering discounts of up to 42% off, with prices starting from $100. This limited-time sale includes a wide range of products, including the Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station, which comes with two 200W Solar Panels for $2,399 shipped after using the promo code DAD900. This deal offers significant savings compared to its regular price of $3,299. The power station alone is available for $1,699 with the promo code DAD500, showcasing its versatility and capacity.

Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station: Power Wherever You Go

The Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station boasts a massive 2,042.8Wh capacity, making it ideal for camping, outdoor activities, or as a backup power source at home. Its expandable battery options allow for even more power, with the ability to support up to 12,000Wh with additional batteries or 24,000Wh by connecting two stations together. With fast charging capabilities and multiple output ports, this power station offers convenience and reliability for all your power needs.

Bundles and Accessories for Enhanced Performance

In addition to the Explorer 2000 Plus, Jackery is also offering bundle options that include solar panels and expandable batteries to further enhance the power station’s capacity. The bundle deals allow you to customize your power setup based on your specific needs, whether for outdoor adventures or emergency situations. With discounts on various power stations, solar panels, and battery packs, Jackery provides a comprehensive solution for portable power.

Discounts on Jackery Products

Jackery’s sale includes discounts on a range of products, such as the Explorer 100 Plus, Explorer 500, Explorer 1000, and Explorer 1000 Plus power stations. Bundle options like the Explorer 1000 v2, Explorer 1000 Plus with solar panels, Explorer 2000 Pro, and Explorer 3000 Pro offer additional savings and flexibility for users. Accessories like the SolarSaga solar panels and Expandable Battery Packs are also discounted, providing complete power solutions for various needs.

Free Power Stations Giveaway

As an added bonus, Jackery is giving away free power stations to customers who share their experiences using Jackery products. By sharing your story on their website, you could win an Explorer 300 Plus power station or one of four Explorer 100 Plus power stations. This giveaway is a great opportunity to showcase how Jackery products have enhanced your outdoor adventures or daily life.

Conclusion: Power Up with Jackery

With discounts of up to 42% off on power stations, bundles, and accessories, Jackery offers a compelling opportunity to upgrade your portable power setup. Whether you’re looking for a reliable power source for camping, emergencies, or everyday use, Jackery’s products provide the performance and versatility you need. Take advantage of these limited-time deals to power up your adventures and stay connected wherever you go.

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