Blue Group secures Irish land for sustainable fuels project.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 18, 2024
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Simply Blue Group has recently made a significant move in the sustainable energy sector by securing land in Whitegate, Ireland for a sustainable fuels project. This project aims to develop a renewable energy park to produce sustainable fuels, contributing to the transition towards clean energy sources. The strategic location adjacent to Ireland’s only oil refinery provides access to necessary infrastructure and expertise in the community, making it an ideal spot for this initiative.

Land Acquisition for Sustainable Fuels Project

The land acquired by Simply Blue Group has been zoned for industrial use for over a decade, setting the stage for the development of a renewable energy park. This location offers proximity to a high-voltage transmission network, a natural gas transmission line, and shoreline access, providing essential resources for sustainable fuel production. Additionally, the potential to connect transmission cables from offshore wind farms to the site further enhances the project’s sustainability.

Strategic Vision for Clean Energy

The Co-Founder and CEO of Simply Blue Group, Hugh Kelly, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering clean energy projects that drive the energy transition forward. By diversifying the sustainable fuels produced, the group aims to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy solutions. The Director of Hydrogen and Sustainable Fuels, Michael Galvin, highlighted the team’s dedication to developing a renewable energy park that can produce low-carbon fuels, emphasizing the importance of stakeholder engagement and community relations.

Expansion into Global Clean Energy Markets

Simply Blue Group’s strategy extends beyond Ireland, with plans to develop clean energy projects in markets such as Canada and Australia. By leveraging a variety of renewable feedstocks and inputs, the group aims to create a diverse portfolio of sustainable energy initiatives. This global approach underscores the potential for sustainable energy solutions to address environmental challenges on a larger scale.

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