OMV Petrom acquires new photovoltaic projects in Romania.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 17, 2024
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OMV Petrom, the largest integrated energy producer in Southeastern Europe, is making strides in expanding its renewable energy portfolio with a recent acquisition of photovoltaic projects in Romania. This strategic move highlights the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and investing in sustainable energy solutions. Let’s delve into the details of this new acquisition and its implications for the renewable energy landscape in Romania.

OMV Petrom’s Expansion into Renewable Energy

OMV Petrom has acquired a 50% stake in three photovoltaic projects totaling 130 MW, further solidifying its presence in the renewable energy sector. This move aligns with the company’s broader strategy to invest in low and zero carbon projects, with a significant portion of its future investments dedicated to sustainable initiatives. By partnering with Renovatio, a key player in renewable energy projects, OMV Petrom is strengthening its position in the transition towards cleaner energy sources.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition

The completion of these transactions is expected in the latter half of 2024, pending certain conditions. The purchase price has not been disclosed, underscoring the strategic nature of the partnership. These newly acquired projects have already secured access to the national power transmission grid, paving the way for their integration into the existing energy infrastructure.

Importance of Strategic Partnerships

Franck Neel, a member of the Executive Board at OMV Petrom, emphasized the value of collaborating with Renovatio for accelerating the energy transition. By leveraging Renovatio’s expertise in renewable energy projects, OMV Petrom can maximize the impact of its investments and drive meaningful change towards a cleaner environment. Strategic partnerships like these play a crucial role in advancing sustainable energy solutions and achieving long-term environmental goals.

Looking Towards a Sustainable Future

Aurel Arion, CEO of Renovatio, expressed excitement about the extended partnership with OMV Petrom, highlighting the shared vision of a sustainable economy driven by innovation and eco-friendly technologies. The green energy generated by these collaborative projects marks a significant step towards aligning with global environmental objectives and fostering a greener future for Romania.

Future Prospects and Goals

OMV Petrom and Renovatio aim to develop, build, and operate these projects together, with a joint installed capacity target of over 1.1 GW by 2030. This ambitious goal underscores their commitment to significantly contributing to Romania’s renewable energy landscape and advancing the shift towards sustainable energy sources. By leveraging their combined strengths and expertise, the partners are poised to make a lasting impact on the country’s energy transition.


The acquisition of photovoltaic projects in Romania by OMV Petrom marks a significant milestone in the company’s renewable energy journey. By expanding its portfolio and forging strategic partnerships, OMV Petrom is solidifying its position as a key player in the transition towards sustainable energy solutions. With a focus on reducing carbon footprint and investing in green technologies, OMV Petrom is paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future in Romania’s energy sector.

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