Louisiana Survey: Hear residents’ thoughts on energy and the environment.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 17, 2024
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Exploring the opinions and perspectives of residents is crucial when considering energy and environmental policies that impact communities. The Louisiana Survey conducted by LSU provides valuable insights into what residents in the state are saying about energy, the environment, and coastal issues. The survey, which included responses from 511 Louisiana residents over the phone and 540 online participants, sheds light on key viewpoints that shape public opinion.

Support for Energy Expansion

The survey revealed that a significant percentage of Louisiana residents support the expansion of both fossil fuels and renewable energy resources. Specifically, 75% of respondents expressed support for expanding offshore oil and gas drilling in coastal Louisiana, while 72% supported the expansion of solar panel farms and 59% endorsed the expansion of wind turbine farms. These findings indicate a nuanced perspective on energy development in the state.

Beliefs About Renewable Energy

While a majority of respondents believe that a shift to renewable energy would improve air and water quality, fewer individuals are convinced that such a transition would positively impact job opportunities in the energy sector, the cost of cooling and heating homes, or the prices of everyday purchases. Additionally, a small percentage of respondents believe that renewable energy would have a positive impact on extreme weather events in their communities.

Government Action and Climate Change

Residents expressed varying levels of confidence in the state government’s efforts to protect air and water quality, animals and habitats, and to mitigate the effects of climate change. While a majority believe that more should be done to safeguard air and water quality, opinions are divided on the government’s actions related to climate change. These findings highlight the complex relationship between public perception and government action.

Climate Change Concerns

A significant portion of respondents attributed unusual heat and severe weather events in their communities to climate change. Furthermore, many residents expressed concerns about coastal land loss and its potential impacts on coastal residents, the state’s economy, and infrastructure. These responses underscore the importance of addressing climate change and its consequences in Louisiana.


The insights from the Louisiana Survey provide valuable information about residents’ perspectives on energy, the environment, and coastal issues. Understanding public opinion is essential for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and communities to make informed decisions that align with the needs and priorities of Louisiana residents. By considering the viewpoints shared in the survey, it is possible to develop policies and initiatives that address the concerns and aspirations of the state’s population.

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