Biggest ever wind farm on the way in European country.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 17, 2024
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Portugal is taking a major step towards clean energy with the construction of its largest wind farm set to begin early next year. This project is part of the Tâmega hydropower complex, one of the largest hydroelectric projects in Europe completed in the last 25 years.

Building Towards a Greener Future

The wind farm, approved by the Portuguese government, will be the country’s largest once completed. Renewable energy company Iberdrola will integrate the plant into the Tâmega pumped-storage hydro complex in northern Portugal. With a capacity of 274 MW, the wind farm will be able to support the annual consumption of 128,000 homes, marking a significant milestone in Portugal’s clean energy journey.

Environmental Commitment

Iberdrola has outlined various measures to protect the environment surrounding the new wind farm. By obtaining the necessary environmental permits, including the final permit known as DCAPE, the company is ensuring compliance with environmental standards. The next step involves securing a production license from the Portuguese Directorate General of Energy and Geology, with construction expected to commence in early 2025.

Maximizing Clean Energy Potential

By utilizing the same grid connection as the Tâmega hydropower complex, the wind farm will optimize its capacity and output. The synergy between the two technologies will enhance electricity production and infrastructure efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable energy landscape in Portugal.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

The wind farm’s construction will leverage existing roads and facilities within the Tâmega complex, minimizing its environmental footprint. Iberdrola’s commitment to supporting ecosystems in the wind farm location includes planting native species, managing forests, and implementing conservation measures for wildlife. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, the project aims to balance energy production with ecological preservation.

Pioneering Clean Energy Initiatives

Portugal’s dedication to clean energy extends beyond wind power, with the Tâmega hydropower project already making significant strides in hydroelectricity. Comprising three plants with a total capacity of 1,158 MW, the complex can produce enough energy to meet the needs of surrounding municipalities and cities, emphasizing Portugal’s leadership in sustainable energy solutions.

Driving Sustainable Development

The Tâmega complex plays a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions, displacing over 1.2 million tons of CO2 annually and decreasing oil imports by more than 160 thousand tons per year. With a storage capacity equivalent to the energy consumption of 11 million people for 24 hours, the project highlights the potential of hydropower in supporting sustainable development and environmental conservation.

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