Pentagon dismisses worries about Chinese solar panels.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 16, 2024
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The Department of Defense is moving forward with a plan to install solar panels on the roof of the Pentagon and other installations as part of a $104 million grant. Concerns were raised that Chinese materials would be used in this project, sparking worries about national security implications. However, the Pentagon has assured that Chinese-manufactured solar panels will not be installed on the Pentagon, emphasizing their adherence to the Buy American Act in procurement decisions related to clean energy.

Project Overview and Concerns

The Pentagon’s solar panel installation project is part of the Biden administration’s push for clean energy and sustainability. Despite the positive environmental impact, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin expressed concerns about using Chinese materials due to the dominance of Chinese companies in the global solar supply chain. Youngkin emphasized the need to prioritize verified domestic manufacturers with trusted supply chains for military procurements.

Pentagon’s Response and Compliance

The Pentagon has clarified that they will follow the Buy American Act and strict oversight processes to ensure compliance with procurement laws. By prioritizing domestic manufacturers and allied commercial supply chains, the Department aims to support the growth of the US carbon pollution-free energy industry. This decision aligns with efforts to promote energy independence and safeguard national security interests.

Positive Reception and Future Outlook

Youngkin’s office welcomed the Pentagon’s commitment to adopting ‘Made in America’ requirements for procuring solar panels, highlighting the importance of decoupling the renewable energy sector from China for national security reasons. By prioritizing domestic suppliers and minimizing reliance on foreign materials, the US can strengthen its energy independence and protect critical infrastructure.

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