Palmyra Township plans solar farm and townhouses in Wayne County.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 14, 2024
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A proposed solar farm and townhouse development in Palmyra Township, Wayne County, is sparking interest and discussion among local residents and officials. The solar farm project, initiated by TotalEnergies, aims to harness renewable energy from the sun to power homes in the area. On the other hand, a proposal for townhouses on Gravity Road is seeking approval to create additional housing options in the community.

Solar Farm Project by TotalEnergies

The planned utility-scale solar farm in Palmyra Township is set to be located on a vacant field near Hawley, along Long Ridge Road. With a proposed 5-megawatt (MW) installation, the project is expected to tap into the local power grid to provide clean energy to the region. TotalEnergies, a French company with a global focus on renewable energy projects, is spearheading the initiative.

As the township supervisors deliberate on the zoning requirements for the solar farm, key considerations include the potential impact on the surrounding area and the necessity for a conditional use application. Public hearings and input from adjacent property owners will play a crucial role in determining the project’s approval and operational conditions.

Townhouse Development on Gravity Road

Michael Kuzmiak’s proposal for townhouses on Gravity Road presents an opportunity to expand housing options in the community. The debate over the zoning ordinance and the number of units in each townhouse reflects the need for thorough planning and compliance with regulations. The potential addition of four duplexes or two townhouses with four units each underscores the importance of balancing residential needs with zoning requirements.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Palmyra Township and neighboring municipalities to support a grant application for an ambulance highlights the commitment to enhancing emergency services in the region. The joint efforts to secure funding for a second Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance demonstrate a proactive approach to addressing healthcare needs in the community.


The proposed solar farm and townhouse developments in Palmyra Township signify a significant step towards sustainable energy generation and residential growth in the area. By exploring renewable energy sources and expanding housing options, the community is embracing innovation and progress. The focus on enhancing emergency services further underscores the commitment to ensuring the well-being and safety of residents. As these projects move forward, collaborative decision-making and community engagement will be essential in shaping the future landscape of Palmyra Township, Wayne County.

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