Jordan’s Fund boosts energy efficiency with 50 factory agreements signed.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 14, 2024
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In an effort to boost energy efficiency in industrial facilities, Jordan’s Renewable Energy Fund is set to sign 50 agreements with factories to implement energy-saving technologies. This initiative, in collaboration with the Jordan Chamber of Industry, aims to promote sustainable development and innovation, providing grants and technical support to participating factories.

Enhancing Industrial Sustainability in Jordan

By signing these agreements, Jordan is taking a significant step towards enhancing its industrial sustainability and energy conservation efforts. The event, under the patronage of Dr. Saleh Al-Kharabsheh, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, aligns with the country’s Independence Day celebrations, symbolizing a commitment to green ambitions.

Cooperation for Sustainable Development

This collaboration between various stakeholders, including industrial chambers and energy auditing companies, highlights the importance of cooperation in achieving energy efficiency goals. Dr. Al-Kharabsheh emphasized the significance of these initiatives in reducing energy consumption and supporting sustainable growth in the industrial sector.

Driving Innovation and Sustainability

Engineer Fahti Al-Jaghbeer underscored the role of collaboration in driving industrial innovation and sustainability. The Jordan Chamber of Industry’s commitment to supporting green initiatives reflects a dedication to environmental stewardship and energy efficiency.

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