Marcos aims to kickstart solar projects for Magat Dam repair.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 11, 2024
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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. recently visited Ilagan City to distribute funds to farmers and fishermen affected by El NiƱo. During his visit, he also inaugurated a solar-powered pump irrigation project in Barangay Cabaruan, Isabela. This project is part of his vision to rehabilitate the aging Magat Dam in Ramon town and incorporate solar-powered facilities for modernization.

The Vision for Magat Dam Rehabilitation

President Marcos Jr. proposed the rehabilitation of the Magat Dam, which was built by his father in the late 1970s. He emphasized the importance of repairing the dam to ensure its longevity and efficiency in providing irrigation for farmers in the region. The President expressed his commitment to following in his father’s footsteps by creating projects that benefit agricultural communities.

Empowering Farmers with Solar-Powered Solutions

During the inauguration of the Cabaruan Solar-Powered Pump Irrigation Project, President Marcos Jr. highlighted the significance of solar-powered facilities in enhancing agricultural productivity. This project, equipped with over 1,000 solar panels, can irrigate hundreds of hectares of rice fields, benefiting numerous farmers in the area. The President also urged the National Irrigation Administration to install more solar-powered irrigation systems across the country.

Driving Innovation and Sustainability

By investing in solar-powered infrastructure for irrigation purposes, President Marcos Jr. aims to promote innovation and sustainability in the agricultural sector. These projects not only improve water management and crop yields but also contribute to environmental conservation by reducing reliance on traditional energy sources. The President’s vision for modernizing the Magat Dam aligns with his commitment to empowering farmers and promoting sustainable development.

Expanding Access to Solar Technology

President Marcos Jr. also announced the completion of 82 solar-powered pump irrigation projects nationwide, showcasing the government’s dedication to expanding access to solar technology for agricultural purposes. These initiatives not only support farmers in enhancing their livelihoods but also pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient agricultural industry. The President’s focus on solar projects reflects a larger commitment to harnessing renewable energy for the benefit of local communities.


The integration of solar-powered solutions in agricultural infrastructure demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to addressing the challenges faced by farmers and promoting sustainable development. President Marcos Jr.’s emphasis on modernizing the Magat Dam and implementing solar-powered irrigation projects highlights the importance of innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment in driving positive change in the agricultural sector. By leveraging solar technology, the government can enhance agricultural productivity, support rural livelihoods, and contribute to a more environmentally conscious future.

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