Investment soars as renewable energy pushes power sector to new levels

By Oliver Townsend Jun 11, 2024
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Investment in the power sector has reached new heights amidst a booming renewable energy market. In 2023, the sector experienced a significant increase in investment, rising by 15% to reach USD 1.3 trillion. However, this growth is expected to slow down in 2024 due to declining costs in renewable energy and a decrease in fossil fuel investments. Despite the falling costs of solar PV and batteries, spending on these technologies continues to rise, setting new records.

Rapid Growth of Renewable Energy Investments

Renewable energy investments, including batteries, have reached unprecedented levels, while investments in unabated fossil fuel power have continued to decrease. Lower solar PV module prices and rapid deployment in key economies like China, the European Union, and the United States have alleviated concerns over high interest rates and profitability for renewable companies. Although growth is anticipated to continue in 2024, it will likely be at a slower pace.

Global Spending on Renewables

In 2023, global spending on renewables hit a new record of USD 735 billion, driven mainly by solar PV and wind projects. China accounted for almost half of the global total, with USD 220 billion in solar PV spending. However, the decline in prices is expected to slow the growth of spending on renewables in 2024, especially for distributed solar PV, with projections reaching USD 770 billion. Despite this, the capacity of added renewable power is not expected to decrease.

Impact on Fossil Fuel Investments

Capital expenditures on fossil fuel power fell by 10% to USD 90 billion in 2023, with a further decrease to USD 80 billion expected in 2024. Most of this reduction is due to declines in coal-fired power investments. Investments in fossil fuel power with carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) remained below USD 1 billion, primarily concentrated in China. Nuclear power investment remained stable in 2023, with anticipated growth in 2024 focused on extending the lifetimes of existing plants.

Growth in Electricity Grid Investment

Electricity grid investment grew to USD 375 billion in 2023, with notable progress in advanced economies, China, and Latin America. Battery storage investment aligned with expectations, reaching USD 40 billion. Final investment decisions for utility-scale renewables reached record highs, though decisions for unabated coal-fired power plants also increased, particularly in China.

Investment Opportunities in Power Sector

The power sector is witnessing rapid growth in investment, with significant momentum for spending on grids, nuclear, and battery storage expected in 2024. Emerging markets and developing economies are attracting more investment, while advanced economies are facing uncertainties due to falling wholesale electricity prices. To achieve the goal of tripling installed renewables capacity by 2030, annual investment in renewables, grids, and battery storage must increase significantly.

Challenges and Strategies

Investment in power grids varies across regions, with advanced economies and China leading the way. Repurposing content is a smart and efficient way to extend the lifespan and impact of your marketing efforts. Instead of creating brand new content from scratch every time, repurposing allows you to reimagine your existing content in various formats to reach new audiences and achieve multiple marketing goals.

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