House bill aims to light up streets with solar power.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 11, 2024
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In an effort to protect the environment for future generations, a bill authored by Rep. Ma. Victoria Co-Pilar is pushing for the use of solar power to illuminate all streets and roads nationwide. The proposed Solar Street Lights Act aims to promote the doctrine of “intergenerational responsibility,” emphasizing the importance of preserving nature for the enjoyment of a balanced ecology. By utilizing solar energy, the bill seeks to reduce carbon emissions and shift towards renewable energy sources.

Benefits of Solar-Powered Street Lights

Rep. Co-Pilar highlights the adverse effects of traditional electricity sources, such as carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases, on the environment. Solar-powered street lights offer a sustainable solution by harnessing energy from the sun, reducing the impact on the planet. By implementing solar technology, the bill aims to mitigate the effects of climate change and promote a healthier ecosystem for future generations.

Implementation of Solar Street Lights

The bill outlines a plan for the installation of solar street lights on national, provincial, municipal, city, and barangay roads. The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) will conduct a study to determine the optimal placement and specifications of the solar lights. Local businesses will be given priority in supplying and manufacturing the solar street lights, supporting the growth of the renewable energy sector.

Environmental Impact and Future Sustainability

By transitioning to solar-powered street lights, the Philippines can reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change. The use of renewable energy sources like solar power is crucial in ensuring a sustainable future for the planet. Rep. Co-Pilar’s bill represents a significant step towards a greener and more environmentally conscious society.


The introduction of solar-powered street lights nationwide is a progressive move towards environmental sustainability and intergenerational responsibility. By embracing renewable energy sources like solar power, the Philippines can pave the way for a cleaner and greener future. The proposed Solar Street Lights Act not only illuminates roads but also lights the path towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly society for generations to come.

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