North East Scotland’s prosperity relies on renewable energy, says Scottish Renewables.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 10, 2024
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Renewable energy plays a crucial role in shaping the economic future of north east Scotland, according to a recent poll conducted by Scottish Renewables. The poll revealed that people in the region believe renewable energy is the most important sector for driving economic growth. However, to remain competitive in the global clean energy race, investment, infrastructure, and innovation must be prioritized by the next UK Government. Scottish Renewables has outlined key priorities for the renewable energy industry in their manifesto, emphasizing the need for private investment, infrastructure development, and innovation.

The Importance of Renewable Energy

Scottish Renewables’ manifesto, titled ‘Clean energy future: time is now,’ advocates for modernizing the Contracts for Difference scheme to support Scotland’s renewable energy pipeline. The manifesto also calls for upgrades to ports and transmission infrastructure, as well as a market reform approach that incentivizes investment. The goal is to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and unlock the economic potential of Scotland’s resources.

Polling Insights

A recent poll by Survation commissioned by Scottish Renewables found that 38% of people in north east Scotland view renewable energy as the most critical sector for the region’s economic future, with oil and gas following closely behind at 34%. The poll highlighted the region’s strong belief in the importance of renewable energy for economic growth, positioning it as a key driver for future prosperity.

Call to Action

Claire Mack, the chief executive of Scottish Renewables, emphasized the urgency of committing to renewable energy deployment to achieve net zero emissions. She stressed the need for immediate action to capitalize on the economic and social benefits of renewable energy resources. With the support of the next UK Government, Scottish Renewables aims to drive forward ambitious initiatives outlined in their manifesto to seize the opportunities presented by renewable energy.

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