Neoen and SNCF Energie seal solar power agreement.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 10, 2024
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Neoen, a prominent producer of renewable energy, has recently signed a significant corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) with SNCF Energie. This agreement involves a 139 MWp solar project in France and marks a significant milestone in the country’s renewable energy sector. Let’s delve into the details of this collaboration and its implications for the future of sustainable energy production.

Neoen and SNCF Energie Solar PPA

Neoen and SNCF Energie have joined forces to establish a PPA for a 139 MWp solar project located in Haute-Vienne, France. This agreement spans over 25 years and highlights the commitment of both companies to promoting green energy solutions. The project, known as Le Couret agrivoltaic farm, is set to become France’s largest solar park operating under a PPA with SNCF.

The solar project has received all necessary authorizations and is poised to connect to the grid securely. Construction is slated to commence in 2026, with commissioning expected by 2028. Once operational, the electricity generated at Le Couret will cater to the annual power needs of the high-speed Paris-Marseille line.

Agrivoltaics and Sustainable Farming

One of the unique aspects of this solar project is its integration of agrivoltaics – a practice that combines renewable electricity generation with agricultural activities. The Le Couret solar farm will host 700 sheep and 1000 lambs, supporting farming practices in Haute-Vienne while supplying clean, low-carbon electricity for trains. The project emphasizes cohabitation between renewable energy infrastructure and animal well-being.

Additionally, the project includes facilities such as a farmhouse, hay barn/shearing area, and sheepfold to support the farmer. It also offers training opportunities for apprentices to learn the nuances of raising sheep in an agrivoltaic setting.

Significance of the PPA

This PPA between Neoen and SNCF Energie signifies a crucial step towards achieving sustainable energy goals in France. Neoen’s French Development Director, Guillaume Decaen, expressed pride in pioneering agrivoltaics and highlighted the long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship. SNCF Energie’s President, Olivier Menuet, emphasized the importance of exemplary practices in energy consumption and reiterated the company’s dedication to renewable energy procurement.

Richard Fécamp, General Manager of SNCF Energie, commended the size and innovative components of the solar project. The collaboration between Neoen and SNCF further solidifies their collective efforts in advancing renewable energy initiatives and underscores their progress towards achieving ambitious targets in green energy consumption.

In conclusion, the Neoen and SNCF Energie solar PPA represents a significant leap forward in sustainable energy production and underscores the importance of collaboration in driving renewable energy transitions. By combining renewable electricity generation with agricultural practices, this project sets a new standard for eco-friendly initiatives in the energy sector.

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