EU EMD Reform: Changing the Game for PPA’s.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 10, 2024
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The European Union’s new electricity market design (EMD) reform is set to have a significant impact on power purchase agreements (PPAs) in the renewable energy sector. PPAs are long-term contracts between corporate energy buyers and renewable energy producers, providing stability and predictability for both parties. In the context of the EU’s decarbonization goals, PPAs play a crucial role in channeling private investment into new renewable energy projects.

The Role of EU’s EMD Reform in Unlocking Investments

The EMD reform aims to provide long-term investment signals in renewable energy while safeguarding consumers against volatile electricity markets. By recognizing the benefits of PPAs, the reform seeks to remove barriers and create a conducive environment for renewable energy investments. This includes improving permitting processes, upgrading grid infrastructure, ensuring regulatory certainty, and educating new buyers.

Removing Barriers to PPAs

Under the new rules, Member States are required to eliminate unjustified barriers to PPAs, facilitating energy price predictability. Speeding up permitting processes, modernizing grid infrastructure, maintaining regulatory stability, and educating potential buyers are essential steps to unlock the full potential of PPAs in the renewable energy market.

Speed Up Permitting

Streamlining permitting procedures is crucial to avoid delays and increased costs in renewable energy projects. A faster and more predictable permitting process is essential to foster growth in the PPA market.

Modernize Grid Infrastructure

Improving grid connections and ensuring reliable delivery of energy is vital for the success of PPAs. Upgrading and expanding the power grid will enable a wider adoption of renewable energy sources and support the expansion of the PPA market.

Preserve Regulatory Certainty

Clear and stable regulations are necessary to create an attractive investment environment for PPAs. Long-term agreements require regulatory predictability to instill confidence in corporate buyers looking to invest in renewable energy projects.

Educate New Buyers

Increasing awareness and knowledge about the benefits and processes of signing a corporate PPA is essential to expand participation in the market. Educating potential buyers can help unlock the untapped potential of PPAs in driving renewable energy investments.

Open Market Opportunities for PPAs

PPAs are long-term agreements that require energy buyers to commit to purchasing electricity over extended periods. To address concerns about creditworthiness and financial risks, the EMD reform encourages the establishment of PPA guarantee schemes or derisking instruments to facilitate broader participation in the PPA market.

Ensuring Coexistence of PPAs and Contracts for Difference (CfDs)

While PPAs offer stability and predictability, Contracts for Difference (CfDs) play a crucial role in financing renewable energy projects. The EMD reform emphasizes the need for balanced coexistence between PPAs and CfDs to attract private capital to new wind and solar projects. Ensuring open and flexible arrangements in auctions can promote a healthy balance between the two mechanisms.

Recognizing PPAs as Long-Term Stability Mechanisms

The market design reform acknowledges the importance of PPAs in providing stability and predictability in the renewable energy sector. By avoiding ineffective interventions and ensuring a supportive regulatory environment, the reform aims to bolster the role of PPAs in unlocking investments in new renewable energy projects.


The EU’s EMD reform is poised to have a transformative effect on the renewable energy market by enhancing the role of PPAs in driving investments. By addressing barriers, promoting regulatory certainty, and encouraging market openness, the reform aims to unlock new opportunities for renewable energy growth and decarbonization efforts in the EU.

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