EDPR NA grabs Renewable Properties’ Illinois solar projects.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 10, 2024
EDPR NA Acquires Renewable Properties’ Illinois Community Solar Portfolio.jpegOrginal image from: https://solarindustrymag.com/edpr-na-acquires-renewable-properties-illinois-community-solar-portfolio

EDPR NA Distributed Generation has recently acquired a portfolio of four Illinois community solar projects from Renewable Properties. The 20 MW portfolio is expected to produce approximately 42 GWh of solar energy annually, contributing to Illinois’ renewable energy goals. This acquisition highlights EDPR NA’s commitment to supporting clean energy initiatives and transitioning to a sustainable future.

Supporting Illinois’ Clean Energy Goals

The acquisition of the Illinois community solar portfolio reflects EDPR NA Distributed Generation’s dedication to promoting clean energy and sustainability. By partnering with Renewable Properties, EDPR NA aims to contribute to Illinois’ renewable energy targets and facilitate the transition to a greener economy. Community solar projects play a crucial role in promoting energy independence and economic empowerment in local communities, aligning with the state’s commitment to clean energy.

Partnership with Renewable Properties

Renewable Properties played a key role in facilitating the acquisition of the Illinois community solar portfolio by EDPR NA Distributed Generation. The partnership between the two companies underscores their shared vision of advancing renewable energy projects and supporting environmental sustainability. By collaborating on this initiative, EDPR NA and Renewable Properties are demonstrating their commitment to driving positive change in the solar energy sector.

KeyBanc’s Advisory Role

KeyBanc served as an advisor on behalf of Renewable Properties during the acquisition of the Illinois community solar portfolio by EDPR NA. The expertise and guidance provided by KeyBanc were instrumental in facilitating a successful transaction that aligns with the strategic objectives of both companies. KeyBanc’s involvement underscores the importance of financial advisory services in supporting renewable energy projects and driving sustainable growth in the industry.


The acquisition of the Illinois community solar portfolio by EDPR NA Distributed Generation represents a significant milestone in advancing clean energy initiatives in the state. By partnering with Renewable Properties and receiving advisory support from KeyBanc, EDPR NA is poised to make a positive impact on Illinois’ renewable energy landscape. This acquisition underscores the importance of collaboration and strategic partnerships in driving sustainability and innovation in the solar industry.

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