KAB kickstarts Indonesia’s first green biogas project, boosting renewable energy expertise.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 7, 2024
KAB to Launch Indonesia's First Greenfield Biogas Project, Enhancing Renewable Energy Expertise.jpegOrginal image from: https://solarquarter.com/2024/06/07/kab-to-launch-indonesias-first-greenfield-biogas-project-enhancing-renewable-energy-expertise/

Kinergy Advancement Berhad, a prominent energy solutions provider in the APAC region, is set to launch Indonesia’s first greenfield biogas project in Aceh. Through its subsidiary, KAB Energy Holdings Sdn Bhd, Kinergy has entered into a term sheet agreement to acquire PT Green Energy Specialist One, which includes the development of a 4.26MW biogas plant.

Enhancing Sustainable Energy Capabilities

The acquisition not only grants KAB exclusivity over the 6.5-hectare land for the biogas plant but also showcases their expertise in developing, constructing, and owning diverse energy projects. This strategic move reinforces KAB’s position as a leader in the sustainable energy sector, emphasizing their commitment to renewable energy.

Securing Revenue Streams and Raw Materials

PT Green Energy Specialist One has secured a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement with Indonesia’s state electricity company, PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN). This agreement ensures a steady revenue stream for KAB, solidifying its financial stability and regional presence. Additionally, KAB has secured an exclusive deal with four palm oil millers for the supply of palm oil mill effluent, essential for biogas production.

Strategic Acquisition and Investment

KABEH will finalize the acquisition of PT Green Energy Specialist One for approximately RM8.89 million. The 4.26MW biogas plant will diversify KAB’s energy portfolio and underscore its dedication to sustainable energy generation. Dato’ Lai Keng Onn, Executive Deputy Chairman of KAB, highlighted the significance of this acquisition in driving sustainable energy development in Indonesia.

Expanding Footprint in Southeast Asia

Recognized as a top 10 energy sustainability solutions provider in APAC, KAB is rapidly growing in the sustainable energy sector. The acquisition of PT Green Energy Specialist One demonstrates KAB’s commitment to market expansion and innovation in the Southeast Asian energy landscape, positioning them as a key player in the region.


Kinergy Advancement Berhad’s venture into Indonesia’s greenfield biogas project marks a significant milestone in sustainable energy development. With a focus on renewable energy expertise and strategic acquisitions, KAB is poised to lead the way in driving environmental stewardship and sustainable energy solutions in the APAC region.

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