Indian CEO targets India’s renewable energy market for company expansion.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 7, 2024
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Expanding into new markets is a strategic move that many companies consider to grow their business and reach new customers. For ZekiTek, an Australian renewable energy technology company, the Indian market holds great potential for expansion. With a focus on providing renewable energy solutions and electrical charging systems, ZekiTek is eyeing India as a key market for its growth plans.

ZekiTek’s Vision for the Indian Renewable Energy Market

The Indian-origin CEO of ZekiTek, Rikesh Ram, shared the company’s vision to assess the Indian market and potentially shift its manufacturing facility from Brisbane to India. The company aims to supply an integrated renewable energy generation ecosystem and electric charging solutions to communities in India, especially in remote regions. By providing mobile and portable power systems, ZekiTek intends to empower these communities with access to essential services like health and education.

The Potential of Green and Clean Energy in India

Ram highlighted the enormous potential for green and clean energy solutions in India. ZekiTek’s innovative ZekiGen system harnesses solar and wind energy to generate electricity, offering direct connections without the need for extensive distribution networks. The system, designed to operate 24/7, utilizes vertical wind turbines and solar panels to store power efficiently. Moreover, ZekiTek is exploring the supply of DC systems for electric vehicles and the replacement of diesel-powered generators, showcasing their commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

ZekiTek’s Pilot Project and Future Plans

Currently, ZekiTek is collaborating with the Australian government on a pilot project in Fiji, demonstrating the efficacy of their renewable energy solutions. The company has also identified a potential investor in Gujarat, paving the way for future investments and partnerships in India. Once the necessary regulatory approvals are secured, ZekiTek plans to raise funds and transition its manufacturing operations to India, positioning itself for further growth and market expansion.

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