Soofa powers Premier Lacrosse League 2024 signage with solar energy.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 6, 2024
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Soofa has recently launched a mobile solar-powered signage solution for the Premier Lacrosse League 2024 opening weekend. This innovative technology offers a custom event-based communication and engagement platform that enhances the fan experience while prioritizing sustainability. Soofa Signs were successfully activated at Bob Ford Field at Tom & Mary Casey Stadium on the University of Albany campus, showcasing their potential as a versatile fan engagement and information tool.

Revolutionizing Event Communication

Soofa’s solar-powered digital kiosks are transforming the way events communicate with attendees by providing real-time information, schedules, maps, and social media feeds. The partnership with the Premier Lacrosse League marks a significant milestone in event-based deployments of Soofa Signs, setting a new standard for environmentally friendly out-of-home communication. Toby Sturek, the CEO of Soofa, highlights the flexibility and mobility of their solar-powered technology, emphasizing the unique advantages it offers over traditional electric signage.

Enhancing Fan Engagement

During the Premier Lacrosse League’s opening weekend, Soofa Signs played a crucial role in connecting with fans and providing valuable information. By offering access to the league’s mobile app, merchandise, and tickets through QR codes, Soofa Signs facilitated seamless engagement and interaction. The signs were efficiently deployed, activated, and removed without disrupting the event setup or teardown process, showcasing their adaptability for short-term activations.

Pioneering Sustainable OOH Messaging

Soofa’s activation of solar-powered signage at events represents a shift towards sustainable out-of-home messaging solutions. By repurposing their technology for events, brands, and festivals, Soofa is leading the way in environmentally conscious communication strategies. The success of their partnership with the Premier Lacrosse League signals a promising future for event-based deployments of Soofa Signs in various verticals throughout 2024 and beyond.

The Future of Out-of-Home Advertising

Soofa’s solar-powered digital kiosks are not only revolutionizing event communication but also shaping the future of outdoor advertising and smart city communication. In 2024, Soofa continues to expand its presence in cities nationwide, offering a sustainable and innovative platform for brands and event organizers to engage with their target audience. As Soofa partners seek to provide hyperlocal information and fresh experiences to consumers, the possibilities for outdoor advertising are limitless.

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