Scotland and France unite to power up marine renewable energy.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 6, 2024
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Scotland and France are strengthening their marine renewable energy ties through a recent delegation visit from Atlantic France to Scotland. The collaboration aims to further decarbonize industry and develop marine renewable energy initiatives. The team from Atlantic France shared insights and outlined their next steps during this exclusive visit.

Atlantic France’s Impressive Credentials

Atlantic France is home to France’s first operational offshore wind farm, showcasing its technical expertise and innovation in the marine renewable energy sector. With over 2,200 jobs and annual sales of €860m, the region is a leader in marine renewable energy in France. The strong foundation in shipbuilding has contributed to the growth of marine renewable energy technologies in the region.

Strengthening Ties Through Collaboration

The delegation from Atlantic France visited Scotland to explore opportunities for collaboration, focusing on understanding Scottish ports and offshore wind industry capabilities. The Eole project, a floating offshore wind initiative, will benefit from the knowledge gained during this visit. Meetings with industry hubs in Aberdeen and Inverness allowed for the exchange of best practices and identification of partnership opportunities.

The Upcoming Seanergy 2024 Forum

As the delegation returns to France, they invite UK counterparts to the Seanergy 2024 Forum in Nantes, showcasing the region’s marine renewable energy expertise. The International Delegation Reception on 25th June will set the stage for UK-French discussions on joint initiatives. The Atlantic France-UK partnership is poised to lead in marine renewable energy development.


The collaboration between Scotland and France in marine renewable energy signifies a shared commitment to decarbonization and innovation. By strengthening ties and fostering partnerships, both regions are paving the way for a sustainable future powered by marine renewable energy. The upcoming Seanergy 2024 Forum will further solidify this partnership and drive progress in the marine energy sector.

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