Pipestone Area Schools may get solar array to save money.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 6, 2024
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Installing a solar array near Pipestone Area Schools is an innovative proposal that could benefit both the school district and the environment. Sioux Valley Energy (SVE) presented a plan for a 20kW solar array to the Pipestone Area School Board, with the potential site located north of the new ball fields near the elementary school. This proposal aims to continue the legacy of sustainable energy initiatives following the removal of a wind turbine at the same site.

Benefits of the Solar Array Proposal

The solar array project offers various advantages for Pipestone Area Schools and the local community. While the 20kW solar array may produce less power than the previous wind turbine, it is sufficient to maintain the interconnection agreement with L&O Power Cooperative. Additionally, L&O Power Cooperative will cover all costs associated with the solar array, including installation, maintenance, and monitoring, providing a cost-effective solution for the school district.

Partnership and Sustainability

The partnership between Sioux Valley Energy and Pipestone Area Schools emphasizes a commitment to sustainability and education. SVE has pledged to support the school district in all matters related to the solar array, ensuring a seamless experience for the school administration. Furthermore, the educational opportunities that come with the solar array can enhance students’ understanding of renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

Financial Benefits and Longevity

The financial incentives of the solar array proposal are also noteworthy. Pipestone Area Schools stand to receive a reimbursement for the energy produced by the solar array, providing a steady stream of revenue for the district. Moreover, the expected lifespan of the solar array is around 20 years, during which SVE will facilitate the disposal or replacement of the panels, ensuring the long-term viability of the project.

Considerations for the Future

As the Pipestone Area School Board deliberates on the solar array proposal, several key factors should be taken into account. Questions regarding the disposal of equipment, the size of the array, and the installation timeline are crucial for making an informed decision. By addressing these concerns and ensuring transparency in the agreement, Pipestone Area Schools can embark on a sustainable energy project that benefits both the institution and the community.

Educational Opportunities and Community Engagement

Embracing renewable energy initiatives like the solar array can foster a sense of community pride and environmental responsibility among students, staff, and residents. By leveraging the solar array as an educational tool and a symbol of sustainability, Pipestone Area Schools can position themselves as leaders in green energy practices. Engaging the community in the solar array project can also generate support and enthusiasm for future sustainability endeavors.

Implementation and Impact

If approved, the construction of the solar array could commence in late July or early August, with the goal of becoming operational by the end of 2024. The successful implementation of the solar array project would mark a significant milestone in Pipestone Area Schools’ sustainability journey, demonstrating a proactive approach to energy efficiency and environmental conservation. By embracing solar energy, the school district can reduce its carbon footprint and set an example for other educational institutions to follow.

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