Health Minister checks out solar installation at Cieza Hospital.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 6, 2024
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Investing in sustainable energy solutions is crucial for the future of healthcare facilities. Recently, the Minister of Health of the Government of Murcia, Juan José Pedreño, visited the Vega Lorenzo Girao de Cieza hospital to inspect the progress of a new solar installation. This project represents a significant investment of nearly 280,000 euros and aims to enhance the hospital’s energy efficiency.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency Through Solar Power

The solar panels, covering an area of 1,206 m², will provide a power capacity of 255 kW. This installation is expected to produce over 330,000 kWh annually, accounting for approximately 11% of the hospital’s yearly electrical energy consumption. With this new installation, the hospital is projected to save an estimated 50,600 euros in electricity costs each year.

The Technology Behind the Solar Installation

The photovoltaic system comprises 468 monocrystalline modules from Jinko Solar, known for their high efficiency of 21.13%. The installation also features Huawei inverters, achieving a nominal power of 240 kW. The installation utilizes a coplanar system mounted on a metal roof with a 5º inclination and east-west orientation, utilizing galvanized steel or stainless aluminum materials.

Government Initiatives for Energy Efficiency

This solar project is part of the regional Government’s Plan for Energy Efficiency Measures in Hospital Facilities, with a total budget of 52.2 million euros. Additionally, the Government Council has authorized the installation of photovoltaic solar energy systems in 67 health centers across the Region of Murcia. This initiative, costing 4,684,277 euros, aims to generate 3,855,441.46 kWh annually, resulting in significant energy and cost savings.

Strategic Investments for Sustainability

Health Area IX will see an investment of over 320,000 euros in Primary Care centers, leading to substantial savings. These projects align with the broader Primary Care Improvement Strategy, focusing on sustainability and efficiency in healthcare facilities. By investing in solar energy and implementing energy-efficient initiatives, the Region of Murcia is setting a precedent for sustainable healthcare practices.

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