Clearloop powers up 2 solar projects in the Mississippi Delta.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 6, 2024
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Clearloop recently celebrated the completion of two solar projects in Panola County, Mississippi. With the commissioning of the Panola I Solar Farm and Panola II Solar Farm, the community at the cross-section of the Mississippi Delta and the Appalachian Foothills welcomed locally generated renewable energy for the first time. The partnership between Clearloop, Tallahatchie Valley Electric Power Association (TVEPA), and the Panola Partnership resulted in the successful implementation of these solar projects.

Driving Decarbonization and Economic Growth

More than 30 companies, including Microsoft, Vista Equity Partners, and Chicory Wealth, joined forces to support the Panola I and II Solar Farms. This collaboration not only promoted decarbonization but also fostered economic growth in Panola County. The commitment of these organizations exemplifies Clearloop’s innovative approach to reclaiming carbon footprints and maximizing the environmental, educational, and economic benefits of climate dollars.

Unveiling a New Logo

The community’s enthusiasm for the solar projects was evident during the unveiling of Panola County’s new logo, which integrates solar panels into its design. The event, attended by local partners and community members, featured speakers such as Laura Zapata, CEO of Clearloop, and Joe Azar, executive director of economic development for Panola County. The new logo symbolizes the resilience of Panola County and the positive impact of the solar projects on its identity.

Project Information

The Panola I Solar Farm, supported by organizations like Vista Equity Partners and Uber, showcases Clearloop’s commitment to decarbonizing the economy. Similarly, the Panola II Solar Farm, backed by Microsoft, aligns with the company’s goal to diversify its renewable energy supply. Vanderbilt University’s support for the upcoming Panola III Solar Farm underscores the institution’s dedication to renewable energy and carbon neutrality.

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