CEO discovers energy solutions benefiting all parties involved in production.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 6, 2024
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When it comes to clean energy, finding win-win scenarios can be challenging but incredibly rewarding. One CEO who excels in creating these scenarios is Sonia St-Arnaud, the president and chief executive officer at Evlo Energy Storage. In this interview, Sonia shares insights on the importance of partnerships, moving quickly, and the opportunities for new talent in the clean energy sector.

From Finance to Clean Energy Pioneer

Sonia’s journey into the clean energy industry began after working in accounting, finance, and strategic planning at Hydro-Qu├ębec, North America’s largest renewable energy utility. She quickly realized the importance of understanding the technical aspects of the field to provide valuable advice. Transitioning into a project development director role, Sonia played a key role in developing power plants and transmission lines, negotiating power purchase agreements, and eventually focusing on battery energy storage systems.

The Power of Networking

One of the best pieces of advice Sonia received was the importance of maintaining a professional network. This network has been instrumental in providing advice, sharing experiences, and overcoming challenges quickly. By leveraging her network, Sonia has been able to navigate complex situations and drive innovation within the industry.

Breaking Barriers with Innovation

As a leader in a traditional sector like engineering, Sonia faced barriers when introducing new ideas and concepts. By fostering open discussions, addressing concerns, and building trust, she was able to overcome resistance to change and drive progress. Sonia emphasizes the value of diversity in ideas and perspectives, highlighting the importance of different voices at the table.

Unveiling Career Opportunities in Climatetech

Sonia believes that climatetech offers diverse career opportunities beyond traditional engineering roles. From procurement and HR to project management and communications, the industry requires a variety of skills to support its rapid growth. By attracting talent from different backgrounds and disciplines, the sector can continue to innovate and drive sustainable solutions.

Building Strong Relationships and Creating Value

Sonia’s superpower lies in her ability to establish strong relationships and seek win-win scenarios. By collaborating with employees, suppliers, and customers, she aims to create real value and drive positive outcomes. Through teamwork, creativity, and a focus on solutions, Sonia has made significant contributions to the clean energy transition.

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