Yokogawa snags BaxEnergy in big acquisition deal.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 5, 2024
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Yokogawa Electric Corp. has recently acquired BaxEnergy, a prominent provider of renewable energy management solutions. This strategic acquisition aims to expand Yokogawa’s reach and offer a range of solutions that have already been successfully implemented by major power companies across Europe. The acquisition will enable global energy asset owners to access these proven solutions, along with consultation on implementation and after-sales services through Yokogawa’s extensive global network.

Flexible and Scalable Renewable Energy Solutions

Established in 2010, BaxEnergy specializes in providing flexible and scalable Renewable Energy Management Systems (REMS) that can be seamlessly integrated without the need for modifications to core IT and business systems. These solutions are designed to optimize the output of various renewable power generation facilities, including wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and more. By analyzing data from different types of power generation equipment, BaxEnergy’s solutions can significantly improve power generation efficiency, enhancing plant availability by up to 10%.

Cloud-Based Data Management

One of the key features of BaxEnergy’s solutions is the ability to integrate data management in a cloud environment, allowing customers to access custom key performance indicators and alarm information from any device, such as smartphones and tablets. This real-time data visibility enables prompt decision-making to maximize revenues and capacity utilization. Simone Massaro, CEO of BaxEnergy, expressed excitement about joining the Yokogawa family, emphasizing the global scalability and expertise in intelligent data engineering and renewable energy management that this partnership brings.

Driving Resilient and Sustainable Operations

Koji Nakaoka, Senior Vice President of Yokogawa Electric and head of the Energy & Sustainability Business Headquarters, highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting safe and optimal operations in the evolving energy supply chain. By leveraging BaxEnergy’s strengths, Yokogawa aims to generate synergies that contribute to a resilient and sustainable society. This acquisition reflects Yokogawa’s dedication to innovation and collaboration in the renewable energy sector.


The acquisition of BaxEnergy by Yokogawa Electric Corp. marks a significant milestone in expanding renewable energy management solutions globally. By combining expertise and resources, Yokogawa is poised to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability for power companies worldwide. The integration of BaxEnergy’s proven solutions with Yokogawa’s global network represents a powerful step towards driving innovation and resilience in the renewable energy industry.

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