Sunrock and Watthub power up Palm Valley Church in Arizona.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 5, 2024
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Sunrock Distributed Generation (Sunrock) and Watthub Renewables (Watthub) have successfully completed a 280kW rooftop solar installation at Palm Valley Church in Arizona. This collaboration aims to reduce the church’s energy costs by approximately 30% and decrease carbon emissions by an estimated 375 tons per year. The project was financed through a solar service agreement, with expectations to generate 495,000 kWh of electricity annually.

Project Overview

The Palm Valley Church in Goodyear, Arizona, is housed in a former multi-tenanted retail building and serves as a hub for religious services and community activities. Recognizing its high energy consumption, the church partnered with Watthub and Sunrock to transition to solar energy. This initiative aligns with the church’s commitment to sustainability and cost savings amidst rising grid electricity expenses.

Installation Details

The 622-panel solar system at Palm Valley Church utilizes advanced DC-optimized inverter technology for maximum energy production. SunRenu Solar, a sister company of Watthub, was brought in for the installation, leveraging expertise in mid-sized commercial solar projects. The system allows for detailed module-level monitoring to ensure efficient operation and maintenance.

Financial and Environmental Impact

Under the solar service agreement, Sunrock financed the entire installation and will own and operate it for 30 years. The church will purchase the generated energy at a discounted rate compared to grid electricity, resulting in an annual savings of approximately 30%. SunRenu will handle maintenance, allowing the church to focus on community services and environmental stewardship.

Significance of the Project

John McDonnell, Co-Founder and Principal of Watthub, emphasized the importance of the project in empowering local organizations to embrace sustainability and combat rising energy costs. The financing model employed by Sunrock opens up opportunities for smaller entities to adopt renewable solar power, contributing to community resilience and environmental protection.

Future Implications

The collaboration between Sunrock and Watthub sets a precedent for making renewable energy accessible to organizations of all sizes. By repurposing existing content into new formats, they demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and innovation in the solar industry, paving the way for similar initiatives in the future.

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