Recom Technologies and Solar Optimum team up for solar project.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 5, 2024
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Recom Technologies and Solar Optimum have joined forces to develop a groundbreaking 12.37 MW solar carport system at Six Flags in California. This innovative project aims to offset 100% of the park’s electricity usage by constructing the solar carport over the main guest and employee parking lots. The scale of this installation is impressive, making it the largest solar carport in California and the largest single-interconnection commercial and industrial development globally.

Impressive Solar Carport Project

The solar carport at Six Flags California is expected to produce 20.8 million kWh annually, generating enough power to meet the demands of nearly 3,000 homes. The environmental impact of this project is substantial, with an estimated reduction in carbon emissions equivalent to removing over 3,100 cars from the road each year. The agreement includes a 25-year purchase plan for the electricity generated, totaling an estimated 517 million kWh over the period.

Key Features and Technology

One of the key features of the project is the incorporation of a 1.96 MW / 7.89 MWh battery energy storage system to enhance energy reliability and efficiency. The carport will utilize Recom Panther bifacial half-cut solar panels, capable of generating electricity from both direct sunlight and reflected light from the ground. These panels come in various formats with wattage ratings ranging from 360 W to 665 W and offer a 25-year product warranty.

Ongoing Commitment to Renewable Energy

This solar carport at Six Flags California builds upon the park’s dedication to renewable energy, complementing existing solar facilities at other Six Flags locations. With the completion of this project, Six Flags will boast a combined total of 42.37 MW of solar capacity, solidifying its position as a major commercial investor in on-site solar energy.

California Governor’s Support

California Governor Gavin Newsom has praised the project, emphasizing the state’s commitment to climate action and innovation. The governor recognizes Six Flags’ dedication to clean energy as a vital step towards ensuring a sustainable future for the planet. This project underscores the growing trend of large-scale commercial investments in renewable energy, showcasing the potential for significant environmental and economic benefits.

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