Northeast Ohio starts solar power initiative with climate coalition.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 5, 2024
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A climate-focused coalition has launched a solar power campaign in Northeast Ohio, aiming to increase the use of solar energy in Cleveland and Akron. The initiative, led by America Is All In, seeks to promote the benefits of solar power adoption, particularly emphasizing cost savings and environmental advantages. With a $156 million grant secured for solar installations across eight states, the campaign is expected to save Ohio residents $19 million in energy costs while reducing carbon emissions and creating job opportunities in the solar industry.

America Is All In Solar Campaign: Driving Climate Action

The Industrial Heartland Solar Coalition has been instrumental in securing funding and support for the solar power campaign, emphasizing the shift towards clean energy and its positive impact on communities. The coalition’s efforts align with the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act, highlighting the importance of transitioning away from fossil fuels towards sustainable energy sources like solar power.

Empowering Communities Through Solar Energy

Gina McCarthy, managing co-chair of America Is All In, expressed the coalition’s commitment to helping Ohio embrace solar energy and leverage the economic opportunities associated with clean energy initiatives. By engaging with local communities, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the advantages of solar power, including job creation, lower energy costs, and improved air quality.

Addressing Environmental and Health Concerns

The solar power campaign recognizes the disproportionate impact of air pollution on vulnerable communities, particularly low-income, Black, and Brown neighborhoods. By promoting solar energy adoption, the coalition seeks to address health disparities and environmental injustices while advancing climate action goals.

Local Leaders Embrace Solar Energy Transition

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb and Akron Mayor Shammas Malik have voiced their support for the solar power campaign, emphasizing the importance of climate action and sustainability in their respective cities. Both mayors are dedicated to achieving renewable energy targets and ensuring that all residents, including historically disadvantaged communities, benefit from the transition to solar power.

Collaborating for a Sustainable Future

With the launch of the solar power campaign, Ohio is positioned to lead the way in clean energy adoption and environmental stewardship. By working together with organizations like America Is All In and the Industrial Heartland Solar Coalition, communities in Northeast Ohio can embrace solar energy as a key component of their sustainable future.

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