Maruti Suzuki shows dedication to renewable energy, starts biogas pilot.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 5, 2024
Maruti Suzuki strengthens commitment to renewable energy, commences a pilot biogas plant at Manesar facility.PNGOrginal image from:

Maruti Suzuki, a leading automotive company, has taken a significant step towards sustainability by commencing a pilot biogas plant at its Manesar facility. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to renewable energy and innovative waste management solutions. By harnessing the untapped potential of in-house food waste and Napier grass, Maruti Suzuki aims to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape.

Commitment to Renewable Energy

In the fiscal year 2024-25, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) invested INR 120.8 crores in renewable energy initiatives like solar power and biogas. This investment is set to increase fourfold to INR 450 crores over three years, starting from the upcoming fiscal year. The company’s focus on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency is evident through this commitment.

Biogas Plant at Manesar Facility

The pilot biogas plant at the Manesar facility is designed to produce 0.2 tons of biogas daily, with an anticipated output of about 1 lac standard cubic meters in FY 2024-25. This initiative is expected to offset approximately 190 tonnes of CO2 per annum. By utilizing food waste from canteens and Napier grass as raw materials, Maruti Suzuki is implementing a zero-discharge model that promotes circularity.

Mr. Hisashi Takeuchi on Green Energy Initiatives

Mr. Hisashi Takeuchi, Managing Director & CEO of Maruti Suzuki India Limited, emphasized the importance of sustainable and renewable energy sources in the company’s operations. As the production capacity is set to double by 2030-31, Maruti Suzuki is accelerating efforts to incorporate green technologies and reduce its environmental impact. The biogas plant at Manesar is a significant step towards achieving a more sustainable energy landscape.

Ramping Up Solar Capacity

Maruti Suzuki is actively expanding its solar capacity at the Manesar and Kharkhoda facilities. By increasing the solar capacity to 43.2 MWp in FY 2023-24, the company is on track to add 15 MWp at the Manesar plant and 20 MWp at the upcoming Kharkhoda plant. These initiatives align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #7 and demonstrate Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to green manufacturing practices.


Maruti Suzuki’s pilot biogas plant at the Manesar facility exemplifies the company’s dedication to sustainability and renewable energy. By investing in green technologies and innovative waste management solutions, Maruti Suzuki is setting a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the automotive industry. The company’s long-term vision of fostering a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape is evident through these initiatives.

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