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By Oliver Townsend Jun 5, 2024
Dexter Community Schools Names Solar Walkway after Long-Time Teacher - The Sun Times News.jpegOrginal image from: https://thesuntimesnews.com/dexter-community-schools-names-solar-walkway-after-long-time-teacher/

The decision to name the solar panel walkway after a long-time teacher, Kate Boynton, at Dexter Community Schools was a significant one that resonated with many students. The Board of Education voted to honor Boynton, who passed away in 2020, by naming the walkway after her. This decision was a result of student input, with nearly 1,000 students suggesting names for the solar walkway. The overwhelming choice was “The Kate Boynton Memorial Walkway,” a fitting tribute to a beloved teacher who left a lasting impact on the Dexter community.

The Legacy of Kate Boynton

Kate Boynton was a cherished teacher at Dexter, having taught at Wylie Elementary from 1998 until her passing. Her dedication to instilling a love of reading in her students, her creativity, passion, and sense of humor all contributed to her being a beloved figure in the school community. Despite her battle with cancer, Boynton continued to inspire those around her, with her legacy living on through the solar walkway project and the support of the Dexter community.

The Solar Walkway Project

The solar walkway project was initiated in 2019 in collaboration with the DHS Green Schools Club. The completed walkway, along with the ground-mounted solar panel field off Dan Hoey Road, serves as a learning resource for students and provides significant energy savings for the school buildings. The project not only showcases the creative problem-solving skills of Dexter students but also highlights the community’s support for educational initiatives.

A Tribute to Excellence

Wylie Principal Katie See praised Kate Boynton for her dedication to her students and her ability to bring joy and inspiration to those around her. The solar walkway, named in her honor, symbolizes the positive impact of great teachers on students’ lives. The Dexter Community Schools Board of Education President, Mara Greatorex, emphasized the significance of honoring Boynton, recognizing her as a caring teacher, mother, and friend who touched the lives of everyone she knew.

The district plans to hold a dedication ceremony for the community to celebrate the completion of the solar walkway project. The commitment to honoring Kate Boynton’s memory and the importance of exceptional educators underscores the value of recognizing and appreciating those who make a difference in the lives of students.

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