Introducing Paired Power: Solar microgrid charging for EV fleets!

By Oliver Townsend Jun 4, 2024
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Paired Power has introduced a groundbreaking solution to address the challenges associated with charging electric vehicle (EV) fleets. The PairFleet is a customizable microgrid charger designed to accommodate EV fleets of varying sizes, while also expediting the installation process for new EV chargers. This innovative product aims to provide a scalable and efficient solution to the increasing demand for EV fleet charging capabilities.

The Evolution of Paired Power’s Charging Solutions

Paired Power, led by CEO Tom McCalmont, recognized the need for larger charging capacities to meet the requirements of their customers. The PairTree microgrid was initially developed to cater to smaller-scale charging needs but has now evolved into the PairFleet system to support larger numbers of vehicles. Paired Power’s approach emphasizes the importance of rapid deployment and scalability in addressing the delays associated with grid infrastructure upgrades for EV charging.

Enhancing EV Charging Efficiency

The PairFleet system combines energy from existing grid sources with solar power and battery storage to increase the number of available EV charging ports. By customizing each installation based on the site’s grid capacity and the client’s specific energy requirements, PairFleet offers a tailored solution to the challenges of grid inadequacy. This microgrid charging design not only reduces daily charging costs but also provides backup solar power without the need for extensive electrical service expansions.

Benefits of PairTree’s Innovative Design

The PairTree system, which includes an EV charging solar canopy, offers unique advantages such as increased energy yields and reduced maintenance costs. By integrating battery storage with bifacial solar panels, PairTree eliminates the need for complex tracker mechanisms and moving parts, resulting in consistent and cost-effective EV charging solutions. The system’s efficient design ensures zero cost for delivered energy, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking sustainable and reliable charging infrastructure.

Future Applications of Paired Power’s Technology

Paired Power’s innovative solutions extend beyond traditional EV charging infrastructure to address a wide range of market needs. The flexibility and scalability of their products make them suitable for various applications, from commercial and industrial parking lots to off-grid locations where limited charging facilities are required. With a focus on resilience, sustainability, and efficiency, Paired Power is poised to revolutionize the EV charging industry and set new standards for environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

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