Colibri Capital boosts solar presence with R$30M investment in Sirius.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 4, 2024
Colibri Capital Invests R$30 Million to Acquire Sirius, Enhancing Solar Equipment Distribution and Expanding Reach in Brazil’s Distributed Generation Market.gifOrginal image from:

Colibri Capital, a key player in the construction of solar plants in Distributed Generation (DG), recently made a significant investment of R$30 million to acquire Sirius, a prominent seller of photovoltaic kits based in Recife, Pernambuco. This strategic move by Colibri Capital marks its entry into the DG equipment distribution market and expands its presence in Brazil, as Sirius operates in 24 out of 26 states in the country.

Enhancing Market Reach and Distribution

The acquisition of Sirius provides Colibri Capital with a unique opportunity to strengthen its position in the solar energy sector. By acquiring Sirius, Colibri Capital gains access to a new arm of business within its portfolio, enhancing its capabilities in the market. Carlos Eduardo Barros, President of Colibri Capital, emphasized the value of this acquisition, stating that it allows the company to expand its reach without starting from scratch, leveraging Sirius’s existing business base.

Strategic Synergy and Growth Potential

Colibri Capital has a track record of making substantial investments in the energy sector, with successful companies like E1 Energia, Eco Soluções, and GDSolar under its umbrella. The acquisition of Sirius strengthens this ecosystem and creates opportunities for collaboration and growth. By integrating Sirius into its operations, Colibri Capital aims to become a major player in the solar energy market, leveraging Sirius’s brand reputation and rapid growth.

Optimism and Expansion

Bruno Fraga, CEO of Sirius, expressed optimism about the acquisition and highlighted the potential for growth in the Northeast market, starting from Pernambuco. With the support of Colibri Capital, Sirius plans to expand its distribution network, increase stock potential, and forge partnerships with global suppliers. The acquisition also enables Sirius to collaborate with other companies within the Colibri Capital group, fostering an ecosystem for information exchange and supplier access.

Market Recognition and Strategic Positioning

Sirius, established in 2019, has rapidly expanded its presence in the North and Northeast states of Brazil. The company’s revenue growth and industry recognition, such as being ranked 3rd largest SolarEdge distributor in 2022, position it as a key player in the market. Colibri Capital’s acquisition of Sirius strengthens its market position and infrastructure, setting the stage for further growth and dominance in the renewable energy sector.

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