Atrato Onsite Energy amps up solar holdings.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 4, 2024
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Atrato Onsite Energy Plc has recently made a significant move to strengthen its solar holdings by acquiring a 13MW solar portfolio for £9.3 million. This acquisition will not only expand its clean energy portfolio but is also expected to generate 10 GWh of clean energy annually, making a positive impact on the environment by contributing to significant CO2 savings and powering around 3,800 UK homes. The investment was made possible through a Revolving Credit Facility, aligning with the company’s goal of providing long-term contracted cash flows and progressive dividend income to its shareholders.

Expanding Clean Energy Portfolio

The acquisition of the 13MW solar portfolio marks a strategic move by Atrato Onsite Energy to bolster its clean energy assets across the UK. By adding this portfolio to its holdings, the company not only enhances its renewable energy capacity but also positions itself as a key player in the sustainable energy sector. This acquisition underscores Atrato Onsite Energy’s commitment to driving positive environmental change through renewable energy initiatives.

Environmental Impact and Benefits

With the addition of the new solar portfolio, Atrato Onsite Energy is poised to make a significant environmental impact by generating 10 GWh of clean energy annually. This clean energy production will result in substantial CO2 savings, contributing to the fight against climate change and reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional energy sources. Furthermore, powering approximately 3,800 UK homes with clean energy showcases the tangible benefits of transitioning to renewable energy sources for both consumers and the environment.

Financial Implications and Shareholder Value

Financed through a Revolving Credit Facility, the acquisition of the solar portfolio not only strengthens Atrato Onsite Energy’s clean energy assets but also aligns with its financial strategy of providing long-term contracted cash flows and progressive dividend income to shareholders. By diversifying its investment portfolio with sustainable energy assets, the company aims to enhance shareholder value while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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