The Forge solar panel design gets state recertification for technology park.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 3, 2024
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Solar panel design work has been approved for The Forge, a technology center currently under construction in Bloomington’s Trades District. The Forge, located just south of The Mill coworking space, is set to have solar panels designed by MPI Solar. The $1,900 contract for the solar panel design was approved by Bloomington’s redevelopment commission at a recent meeting.

Solar Panel Design Approval

The approval of the solar panel design work for The Forge marks an important step in the construction process of the 3-story, 22,000-square-foot building. Once completed, The Forge will provide office space for technology companies that are beyond the startup phase. The building is situated in the southeast corner of the Trades District, offering a prime location for tech-focused businesses.

State Recertification for Technology Park

Additionally, Bloomington’s 65-acre Technology Park, which includes the 12-acre Trades District, has received recertification from the state of Indiana. As a certified technology park (CTP), the area is now eligible to receive $250,000 a year in sales and income tax revenue shared back from the state. This recertification opens up opportunities for further development and growth within the technology park.

Collaboration with MPI Solar

During the redevelopment commission meeting, questions were raised about the involvement of MPI Solar in the design work instead of the installer, Woods Electrical Contractors. It was clarified that MPI Solar is subcontracting for the work from Woods, the firm that won the bid for electrical work on the project. This collaboration showcases a strategic partnership to ensure the successful implementation of solar panels at The Forge.

Strategic Planning for The Forge

The upcoming agenda for Bloomington’s board of public works will include discussions on the use of right-of-way in Madison Street and Maker Way next to The Forge. This indicates a comprehensive approach to project planning and ensuring that all necessary approvals and permissions are obtained for the construction. The use of street access for construction purposes has been crucial in reaching the upper levels of the building.

Forward-Thinking Economic Development

Jane Kupersmith, Bloomington’s director of economic and sustainable development, shared the news of the recertification of the Technology Park, highlighting the efforts to secure funding and support for ongoing economic development initiatives. The collaboration with Indiana University’s Public Policy Institute further demonstrates the commitment to meeting state requirements and reporting standards for the city’s CTP.

Overall, the approval of solar panel design work for The Forge and the recertification of Bloomington’s Technology Park reflect a proactive approach to sustainable development and economic growth. By leveraging strategic partnerships and adhering to state regulations, the city is poised for continued success in the technology sector.

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