St. Joseph County officials discuss proposed changes to solar farm ordinance

By Oliver Townsend Jun 3, 2024
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St. Joseph County officials are gearing up to discuss proposed changes to the solar farm ordinance in the area. While neighboring counties are considering moratoriums on solar farms, St. Joseph County is looking at alternative solutions to address the growing concerns. The current ordinance allows for solar farm development on agricultural land without any special zoning requirements or public hearings. However, with the increasing interest in solar projects in the county, officials are considering major revisions to the existing regulations.

Proposed Changes to Solar Farm Ordinance

One of the primary issues that officials aim to address is the lack of public input in the current process. The recent informal public comments on a proposed 2,500-acre solar farm near Potato Creek State Park highlighted the need for community involvement in decision-making. District B Councilwoman Amy Drake emphasized the importance of listening to residents’ concerns, especially those living near potential solar farm sites. The proposed changes to the ordinance will also focus on decommissioning costs and setback requirements to ensure responsible development.

Upcoming Public Hearings

Plans are underway to hold public hearings on the proposed changes, with a session scheduled for June 18 before the St. Joseph County Area Plan Commission and another on July 9 before the County Council. These hearings will provide an opportunity for community members to voice their opinions and offer feedback on the revisions. Councilwoman Drake mentioned that several other solar farm projects are eyeing St. Joseph County for future development, making it crucial to establish clear guidelines and regulations.

Community Engagement and Transparency

The debate over solar farm development in St. Joseph County underscores the importance of community engagement and transparency in local governance. As renewable energy projects continue to gain traction across the country, it is essential for officials to involve residents in the decision-making process. By soliciting input from stakeholders, addressing concerns, and implementing responsible regulations, St. Joseph County can strike a balance between sustainable energy development and environmental preservation.

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