Fort Worth’s Insight LPR unveils solar-powered plate-reading camera.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 3, 2024
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Insight LPR, a tech company based in Fort Worth, is revolutionizing the fight against crime with its innovative solar-powered license plate-reading cameras. These cameras, equipped with proprietary license plate recognition (LPR) software, are designed to provide retailers with a powerful solution against organized crime, theft, and vandalism. The company’s latest offering, the MX Defender S, boasts industry-leading image resolution, unmatched night-time capture rates, and can be quickly deployed in covert installations, thanks to its solar-powered capabilities.

Advanced Technology for Crime Prevention

Insight LPR’s cutting-edge cameras have high capture success rates both day and night, making them a valuable asset in solving crimes quickly and effectively. The solar-powered version of the MX Defender S eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure, reducing costs associated with installation and maintenance. CEO John Nethery emphasized the importance of developing a high-quality, low-cost, quick deploy LPR camera to address the growing safety concerns faced by retailers.

Industry-Leading Capture Rates

Insight LPR’s American-made cameras deliver an impressive 96%-plus capture rate both day and night. When combined with the company’s commercial mobile data, the MX Defender S becomes a comprehensive solution for retailers looking to protect their businesses from criminal activities. A recent success story involving a major grocery chain highlights how Insight LPR’s technology enabled local law enforcement to apprehend suspects involved in a retail crime ring within just 72 hours of deploying the cameras.

Empowering Retailers with Innovative Solutions

Insight LPR’s commitment to leveraging solar-powered technology and advanced license plate recognition software showcases its dedication to providing retailers with effective tools to combat crime. By offering a reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-install solution, the company is empowering businesses to proactively address security concerns and protect their assets. Insight LPR’s emphasis on high-quality, industry-leading technology positions it as a key player in the fight against organized crime and theft.

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